As we start gathering together on June 7, 10:30 am., I am so looking forward to seeing those who will be able to attend.  This is a difficult time for churches as we attempt to re-open for worship, longing to be together again, but mindful of the many precautions we must take to help everyone stay safe and feel safe.  Please cooperate in a loving manner with the following guidelines.  Thanks for your help in advance.  With love from your pastor along with our staff!


  1. PRAY UP

Start praying for God to awaken you and His Church to the plans He has for us as a church!

  1. MASK UP

Please bring your mask and put it on before you enter the building.

  1. HAND UP

Remember to refrain from handshakes and hugs.  Smile and Wave!  (Yes, we can tell your smiling with your mask on by looking at your eyes.)

  1. WASH UP

We will have some hand sanitizing tables as you come into the building. Please stop by and wash your hands as your first enter the building.


As you move into the sanctuary, look for a row of chairs that fits your family size.  Our chairs and rows are 6 feet apart, so pick a group of chairs that best fits you.  If you are alone, there are single chairs for you to choose.

ALTERNATE SPACES:  We will have 2 alternate spaces for targeted groups.

*Fellowship Hall—for Senior Adults and other more high-risk persons who may feel more comfortable staying away from the main crowd.

**Youth area—for parents of younger preschool age or restless children who may want to try worship as a family in the main sanctuary, but discover your children are becoming too restless for you to remain. Ellie will have “activity bags” for your children to use in the main sanctuary.  However, if your children become restless or noisy, feel free to quietly slip out with your kids and move upstairs to the Youth Area to finishing watching the service.  That space would be more suitable for restless kids.


Listen for God to speak to you during our worship time.  Pay attention to the words we sing and the message we hear from God’s Word. 

At the conclusion of the service, LISTEN for instructions on how to exit the building and remain social distanced.